What Sets Us Apart

Your Best Smile Starts Here!

At Restrepo Orthodontics, we do more than straighten teeth. Here, Dr. Xiomara Restrepo and our team take time to build real connections with each person, treating them with compassion and integrity, as we would care for family!

The orthodontic experience is an exciting journey. As you move from feeling uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth to feeling confident in your smile, you will transform. We have the pleasure of accompanying you on this journey, providing leading-edge care, offering education and encouragement, and celebrating all you achieve!

For us, helping people – children, teens, adults, and seniors – lead fuller and happier lives, is deeply rewarding. Each of our patients finishes treatment with improved oral health, a good bite, and a wonderful smile that radiates confidence! Is it any wonder we love what we do?

The Restrepo Orthodontics Approach

Dr. Restrepo believes everyone deserves a functional bite, a healthy mouth, and a smile they love. She also believes the orthodontic experience is unique to the individual, and strives to deliver care that improves all aspects of the person’s life.

Prior to becoming an orthodontist, Dr. Restrepo practiced general dentistry for many years. This extensive experience in treating dental issues gives her unparalleled insight into the oral health aspects of orthodontics. Her dental experience, as well as years of practicing orthodontics, allows her to combine medicine, science, and artistry for your most incredible smile!

Whether you are here for aesthetic improvements, to correct functional issues, or have challenging needs – craniofacial deformities, chronic pain, disordered sleeping, or TMJ-TMD – Dr. Restrepo will design a unique treatment approach for you. Utilizing the latest modalities, innovative technologies, and focusing on health and aesthetics, she ensures you achieve your best smile, and enjoy the treatment experience!

Our Commitment to Exceptional Care

We are proud of our family-oriented and upbeat environment, where everyone is known by name and considered to be friends. Our practice is a positive space, filled with laughter and warmth. We want our patients and their families to enjoy their visits!

Dr. Restrepo and our team promise to always:

  • Provide you with ethical, evidence-based orthodontic treatment
  • Offer useful and practical education and encourage strong oral hygiene practices
  • Ensure you are heard, engaged, and enjoying your treatment experience
  • Maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and sterilization in all areas of the practice

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

The first step on your journey to a life-changing smile is complimentary consultation with Dr. Restrepo at our Lakeville, Dansville, or Bath, NY orthodontic office. No pressure or sales pitch, we promise. Instead, we’ll have a conversation about your treatment expectations and how we can help you achieve your best smile! Please, schedule your consultation, today!

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